Prettiest Sleeping Masks & 7 Truths About 'Beauty Sleep'

sleeping eye maskI don't wear a sleep eye mask to bed at night. Sleeping masks have always seemed like a beauty accoutrement reserved for glamorous dames like Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

However, now that I found these pretty handmade sleeping masks from Naomilingerie, everything's going to change.

I plan to slip one of these lovelies on in the evening and sleep my way to a more gorgeous me. After all, beauty rest is a real thing, you know?

See more sleeping masks and check out 7 Facts About "Beauty Sleep" after the jump.


These beautiful handmade sleeping masks come from the Etsy shop Naomilingerie out of Japan. Some of them are even made from vintage kimono fabric. So pretty!

sleeping eye mask handmade

(Mask shown at top) Striped Cotton Sleep Eye Mask -- style SAKURANBO ($17); (on this page) Antique Kimono Sleep Eye Mask ($22), Antique Kimono Sleep Eye Mask ($22), The Ladybird Sleep Eye Mask -- style/TENTOMUSHI ($19), and Boudoir Stripes Sleep Eye Mask/style BURLESQUE ($18)

(Also adore Naomi designer Anita-Banana's new autumn plaid boxer-style panties!)

And while a lovely sleeping mask can make you feel glamorous before bed, what's most important is that you get the right amount of sleep, too -- 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

7 Truths About "Beauty Sleep"

  1. Gives you fresher skin, brighter eyes, and glossier hair: Yes, please! A good lengthy sleep each night is optimum for cellular repair and hair follicle rejuvenation. "... our bodies repair cells and tissues while we sleep." (Care2)
  2. Helps maintain a healthy weight: Can we really sleep our ways to a healthier body? Maybe so. Sleeplessness can lead to weight gain, and studies show there’s a direct link between obesity and sleep problems. Plus, you instinctively eat healthier food when you’ve gotten more sleep. "Another possibility is that because people who are sleep-deprived feel more fatigued, they exercise less. Sleep deprivation can also change your basal metabolic rate, slowing down how many calories you burn just doing basic life-sustaining activities, like breathing and maintaining body temperature." (WebMD)
  3. Reduces yesterday's "wear and tear" on the body: "Rest is not a luxury item we can do without. During sleep, the body heals and recuperates from the wear and tear of the day. If the nightly recovery process is prevented from taking place for too long, the damages will manifest and eventually develop into serious health conditions." (Seattle Pi)
  4. Slows aging: "Go to bed an hour earlier. You'll reduce dark circles, perk up sallow skin, and improve your mood." Neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta says, "People who claim they can get by on five hours of sleep a night age more quickly than if they were getting eight or nine hours." (Allure)
  5. Helps prevent illness: We all look better when we're healthy. "Sleep helps us thrive by contributing to a healthy immune system." (National Sleep Foundation)
  6. Wards off depression: We all look more beautiful when we feel good on the inside. "Some studies suggest women need up to an hour's extra sleep a night compared to men, and not getting it may be one reason women are much more susceptible to depression than men." (The National Sleep Research Project)
  7. Makes you happier: Happier people are gorgeous people! "Sleep keeps people feeling cheerier ... According to one study, a bad night’s sleep was one of the top two factors that upset people’s daily moods." (The Happiness Project

How much sleep do you get each night?

Images via Naomilingerie


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