Christina Hendricks Has a Favorite Joan Holloway Dress -- Do You?

Christina Hendricks Mad MenWith all of the incredible outfits Christina Hendricks gets to wear to play Joan Holloway on Mad Men, who knew she'd actually be able to choose a favorite?

Turns out it's this one pictured on the left, a pretty purple dress with a pink sash, according to a Newsweek Emmy roundtable discussion with Hendricks. (The discussion also included Matthew Fox from Lost, Connie Britton from Friday Night Lights, Chris Colfer from Glee, Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family, and Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad. Um, wouldn't sitting at this roundtable be freakin' awesome?!)

She says she liked this dress in particular because: “I wore it in a scene with John Slattery [Roger] in a hotel room, and I’m getting dressed and doing up this thing. I really liked that scene, so it stood out to me."

And then, in an ironic twist, she received her Mad Men Barbie doll, and guess which dress the doll was wearing ...


Of course, the Barbie doll was wearing Christina's favorite dress. Too bad the doll has none of her famous curves. (A Barbie doll with curves would simply be too much to ask for...) Still, it must be nice to have a doll version of yourself wearing your favorite dress! Not like I would know or anything ...

Christina Hendricks Mad MenThe dress is dubbed the "Roger dress" because she wore it when we found out about her affair with Roger and then again when he told her that it was over. How he can deny her while she's wearing this dress is still a mystery.

Even though Christina was attached to this purple frock because of how pleased she was with her acting in those scenes with Slattery, I think that these dresses she's worn throughout the series make her look equally stunning.

Christina Hendricks Mad Men

Janie Bryant, the costume designer, called this one the "Accordion Dress." Because she's not at work, she can show off a little more skin. Doesn't she look like the hostess you'd be way too intimidated to complain to if there was no more toilet paper in the bathroom? According to Bryant:

"I wanted this piece to be a very pastoral piece because she’s entertaining -- she's having her husband’s business associates to the house ... I thought it was a perfect piece for hostessing that event. It’s a very different dress than what she wears to the office, but still incorporates her color palette ... and the fact that it matches the accordion? How French is that?!"

Christina Hendricks Mad MenYou know it's gotta be a good dress when you have to cut out Jon Hamm from the photo. At least you can still see his sexy sleeve/hand. Even though Christina's outfit is a little matchy-matchy for nowadays (same colored handbag and shoes is a bit overkill), I'm going to guess that this look will be back in a couple of years. Just you wait. (Minus the fake blood, of course.)

Christina Hendricks Mad MenI love these solid-colored dresses with a hint of pattern and pizzaz from the sash and accessories. This soft rose/pink color is great on her. Very few women could pull off so much fabric in such a bright color and still look this fierce.

Christina Hendricks Mad MenAnd honestly, have you ever seen a dress that covers up so much skin yet can be so sexy? Look at how hard Salvatore Romano is trying to keep his eyes on her face. If I wore this, it would look like a smock. Kudos to Christina for showing how a curvy woman can look hot and classy at the same time.

Do you have a favorite Joan Holloway look from Mad Men?


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