Style Inspiration: Louis Vuitton Is Bringing Lady Back

Louis Vuitton
If Louis Vuitton's Fall/Winter ad campaign is any indication, this is the season we've been waiting for.

This is a season when looking like a lady is hot-- and looking like Paris Hilton is not.

This is a season for beautifully retro dresses and Grace Kelly style. This is a season that celebrates cleavage and curves rather than size zero models.

Check out more of Louis Vuitton's breathtaking ads, featuring supermodels Natalia Vodianova, Karen Elson, and Christy Turlington, below.


Louis Vuitton          Christy Turlington's gray dress and matching gloves in this photo just slay me.


Louis Vuitton

I'm also a big fan of the ponytails, and dying to try a sleek, curled-at-the-end version of it myself. It's a fairly easy look to get at home.

Louis Vuitton

I also love the full, mid-calf-length skirts. I want to try wearing this style! And the first place I thought of to find it was Etsy.


EtsyThis vintage 50s dress from Planet Claire Vintage is pricey at $175. But I'm sure that's a steal compared to Louis Vuitton's prices!


EtsyI just love this 1950s-era dress from traven7 on Etsy. It's so ladylike, and costs $140.


EtsyMy heart just stopped a little when I spotted this vintage '50s Garden Party Dress (Etsy, $164). It's stunning, don't you think?

Calvin Klein does retro-style, Mad Men-esque dresses every now and then, so keep an eye out if you're looking for something a little more budget-friendly.

But for now, I'd like to know what you think of Louis Vuitton's fall vision? Yay or nay?


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