Juliette Lewis Goes Blue, Joining the Rainbow Hair Crew

Juliette LewisOh honey, no, no, no. I usually love Juliette Lewis's quirky sense of style, but this blue is just too reminiscent of the time that I tried to use Kool-Aid to dye my hair a bright hue. The effect is a half-assed, root-showing mess.

Bright dyed hair is tricky -- you either look like an amazing real-life version of Jem and the Holograms, or look like an Easter egg gone bad.

Here are some celebs who made the colorful leap -- some rocked, some majorly failed.


Katy Perry: Now, in my opinion, this is blue done right. Bright, bold, and beautiful -- just like Katy.

Rihanna: When Rihanna debuted bright red hair earlier this summer, it almost made me want to rush to my hair salon and do the same ... she looked that good. It goes perfectly with her edgy short cut and badass chick image.

Lady Gaga: While performing a few of her songs during the Monster Ball tour, Gaga sports a bright yellow wig. I kind of wish she'd go permanent with it ... it looks hot! And lord knows she has the fashion confidence to pull it off.

lady gaga

Joss Stone: Red with blue tendrils gives her hair a beautiful, iridescent look.

Hayley Williams: Lead singer for Paramore, Hayley has gone through several shades, but my favorite of hers was the orange.

hayley williams

Lady Gaga: I know, I know, Gaga again? But I loved her hair when it had those pretty purple and pink streaks. She looked like a little fairy plucked straight out of my imagination.

Claire Danes: Remember when she had that lilac dye job? It looked pretty, but I'm afraid she just wasn't edgy enough to really work it.

Christina Aguilera: In her bad girl days, she rocked the bright white with black streaks. Her hair was gorgeous -- just not the skunk-like dye job.

christina aguilera

Gwen Stefani: Gwen may be the queen of chameleons, effortlessly rocking a variety of hues -- pink, blue, yellow ...

Rachel McAdams: What was she thinking when she decided to put in random pink streaks throughout her hair?

Who's your favorite bright-hued celebrity? Have you ever dyed your hair a bright color?

Image via Jason Merritt/Getty, Michael_Spencer/Flickr, /colorinchi/Flickr, Sky_Net/Flickr

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