Now YOU Can Afford Vera Wang: She's Not Just for $5 Million Weddings Anymore

Vera Wang is branching out all over the place. A couple years ago, she started designing less expensive, non-bridal pieces for discount retailer Kohl's and earlier this year she partnered with David's Bridal to bring an affordable bridal line (due out in Spring 2011).

Yes, you read that right. Kohl's and David's.

Now we can all afford to wear Vera.

According to WWD, the David's Bridal collection will include about 20 bridal gowns and the prices will range from about $600 to $1,500.

Score one for the brides! As for those of us who are already old married ladies, we can still get get our Vera on, too. Check out some of these items from her Fall 2010 collection:



I really love these gator booties and am pretty excited about the possibility of purchasing them myself. And for $89.99, why would I not? How cute would they be with a pair of deep gray leggings and a flowy cardigan?

Le boots:

And when I say flowy cardigan, I mean this. I had to double check the price, though, because really, for $34, I feel like I am robbing her! This actually made my mouth start to water:

Here we have a trend that is likely to be big this fall: colored tights. And for $12, why not give it a whirl? I am particularly digging this maroon shade as it calls up images of plaid scarves and hot chocolate and hayrides and Halloween (can you tell I love the fall?):

Finally, we have these fierce leggings for a mere $20. I love the button detail on the ankles and think these would strike a great balance between playdates and nights out:


What do you think of these pieces? Will you be in line at Kohl's?


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