Lilly Pulitzer Secret Sale Right Now. Go. HURRY!

Lilly Pulitzer dressTweeters spilled the secret first: Lilly Pulitzer is having a secret online sale today that's no longer a secret based on the fact that I can't even get into the darn site. Oh, I managed to hop onto the homepage just fine, but when I clicked on the tab for "tops," I got a lovely white page with this message:

"This is SOO exciting! We are having an online sale today and experiencing a FABULOUS response -- there are thousands of other Lilly Lovers trying to get on our website right now too -- just like you! Please keep trying or come visit us later today! XX Lilly


I'm not a huge fan of the iconic preppy and brightly colored clothing line, but I was hoping that this was my chance to take Lindsay Ferrier's advice and stock up on a couple of tailored polo shirts to break up my monotonous T-shirt collection that exists in different shades of three colors: grey, black and white. A little Lilly would do me some good!

If I can get there. The homepage boasts of discounts of up to 70 percent off today, and my guess would be that most shoppers are looking for some great deals on shorts and tanks for their late August vacations. I was able to access the page for accessories and dresses just fine. I only wish I was going somewhere on vacation where I could wear this little number above -- on sale from $220 to $109.

I can see myself right now strolling down the cobblestone lane in Nantucket wearing this little number ... but, ahh... Looks like I'll have as much luck of an island getaway as I will getting onto the Lilly Pulitzer site today :(

Good luck, and let me know how you do!


Image via Lilly Pulitzer

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