Shoe La La! Seven Pairs of Shoes to Drool Over

NordstromI've spent the day looking at the latest shoe styles for fall and I can't WAIT to tell you about them.

It's certainly an interesting year for shoes-- The good news is that one or two good shoe selections this season can update your entire look-- so stick around, because I'll start posting about the newest styles tomorrow.

But first, I wanted to show you a few pairs of shoes to do nothing but drool over... these Chanel Blizzard Tall Boots (Nordstrom, $1,500).

No need to tell me you can't afford them. Today, we're window shopping, ladies.

But when I look at these boots?


Read on to see more museum-worthy pairs of designer shoes from the upcoming fall season.


Neiman MarcusThese Stuart Weitzman Cinched Buckle Boots (Neiman Marcus, $525) are a little more reasonably priced. LOL I'm loving them, though, particularly with these sexy patterned tights. Gorgeous.


NordstromI absolutely love this photo in Nordstrom's catalog,with an artist in the background stirring up the exact same shade as these luscious Yves Saint Laurent Palais Platform Pumps (Nordstrom, $720).


Bergdorf GoodmanCan you even imagine the uproar you could cause by showing up at the first PTA meeting in these Miu Miu Leopard Print Platform Booties (Bergdorf Goodman, $950)?


NordstromI hyperventilate a little every time I look at these Christian Louboutin Over the Knee Platform Boots in Black Nappa (Nordstrom, $2,395). If I still believed in Santa Claus, these boots would be number one on my list! I have a feeling my husband would like them, too...


Bergdorf GoodmanThose of you who are more modest could opt for a pair of these fabulous Louboutin Tasseled Platform Booties (Bergdorf Goodman, $1,495). Or you could, you know, just send them on to me if they don't work out...


NordstromFinally, I adore the artistry of these Alexander McQueen Faithful Booties (Nordstrom, $1,285). Maybe if I wait around long enough, they'll turn up at T.J. Maxx on discount....

Still reading? Good for you! Just because you can't afford these shoes doesn't mean you shouldn't look at them. I always begin my seasonal shopping by looking at the catalogs from the most high-end stores. I choose what I love, then start looking for cheaper versions of it. This habit has served me well my whole life!

Tomorrow, we'll get back to reality with shoes you can actually afford. In the meantime, though...

Which of these fantasy pairs of shoes would you love to put on your own feet?


Images (top to bottom): Nordstrom; Neiman Marcus; Nordstrom; Bergdorf Goodman; Nordstrom; Bergdorf Goodman; Nordstrom

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