Lucielu: A Plus-Size Site with Beautiful, Affordable Clothing

LucieluI often get asked by readers for recommendations on retailers that sell fashionable plus size clothing. And it's a tough question to answer. Frankly, I don't see a whole lot of plus size clothing out there that I like, and I know I'm not alone. My plus size friends say they have all kinds of trouble finding clothing that's stylish, age-appropriate and flattering to their figures.

Well, I'm excited to tell you ladies I've finally found a plus size site that I think you're going to LOVE.

It's called Lucielu and it features gorgeous plus size clothing that's also pretty darn affordable.

Check out this gorgeous Margeaux dress in blue iris (Lucielu, $46). Isn't it wonderful?

Read on to see some more of my favorite Lucielu pieces.










LucieluThis lovely Lenore blouse (Lucielu, $38) has a frilly, feminine collar that draws attention to your neckline- and away from your waistline!


LuciluI'm crazy for this Chantilly Dress (Lucielu, $62), which is so stylish, as well as flattering to a range of figures.


LucieluIn addition to this of-the-moment color, this ruffle cardi (Lucielu, $42) also comes in black and lavender.


LucieluThis denim knit legging (Lucielu, $19) is at the height of fashion right now- and it's a fantastic price!


LucieluHere's an entire Lucielu look, featuring the Eau Claire dress (Lucielu, $59). LOVE.

I'm totally excited about this site! I love everything on it. How about you?


Images via Lucielu



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