You Won't Believe It's __________!

SearsI saw this ad in a magazine today and instantly took notice.

All of the outfits were ... cute! And stylish! And, most importantly, WEARABLE!

But who was the ad for? The only clue was a website:

The Many Sides of Me?

What the hell?

My curiosity was piqued. I had to look it up.

You won't believe who's behind this new line-up ...


It was SEARS, y'all!


Much like its sister company Kmart, Sears appears to be making a new effort to design stylish, modern, affordable clothes.

Could life get any better?!

The good news for us, of course, is that every single one of these hot new looks is incredibly budget-friendly! Not everything is available online yet, but you should be able to find these things in stores within the next few weeks. I've included links to the clothing that's online so far. Check out some of my favorites from the Sears fall line below ...


SearsCall me crazy, but I'm dying for a pair of shiny, leather-looking pants. All the celebs are wearing them lately and with the right top, they look HAWT. This "ponte pant" is just $26.90 at Sears and the military vest is $26.90.


SearsCamel is one of the hottest colors this season and this Camel Jacket is a perfect way to buy into the trend. It's just $36.90. The jean leggings are $24.90.


SearsThis outfit would work for just about every woman I know. I love both this Drawstring Cardigan (Sears, $24.90) and the cargo pants, which are $24.90.


SearsLooking for an affordable LBD? How about this Apostrophe Missy's Sheath Dress (Sears, $29.90)?


SearsThis denim jacket (Sears, $27.90) is a nice price, and so is the cargo skirt (Sears, $19.90). This would make a great (and inexpensive) transition look between summer and fall.

What do you think of these styles? Were you surprised these ads were from Sears?


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