Tommy Hilfiger: Style Inspiration

Tommy Hilfiger

I haven't given much thought to Tommy Hilfiger's clothing lately, but his brilliant Fall 2010 advertising campaign has me taking a second look!

Meet the Hilfigers, a fictitious family embodying Tommy Hilfiger's "twisted preppy" tradition. The brand has gone so far as to create profiles for each family member. The campaign photos themselves give you a visual idea of each Hilfiger's personality. 

But what really turns me onto these ads are the clothes and accessories. Read on to see more!


Tommy Hilfiger                                           This photo definitely got my attention!

It also spotlights a major trend for fall and winter-- If you buy one hot accessory for the upcoming season, I think it's got to be lace-up, over-the-knee boots. You are going to start seeing them everywhere, with versions offered by designers ranging from Tommy Hilfiger to Dior. Gwen Stefani was spotted stepping out for a girls' night just this week in a beautiful black pair.

But there's lots more to love from Hilfiger's fall collection...


Tommy HilfigerI love how in this picture, a preppy navy blazer is paired with a whimsical red and white striped shirt. I love the plaids and the herringbones and the khakis in these photos, all big looks for fall, and all mixed together in interesting combinations. Most of all, I love that the Tommy Hilfiger style is so accessible- You probably already have some of these types of pieces in your closet. Others are easy to find in your local mall at low prices, and the Tommy Hilfiger line itself is not unreasonably high. Most of his clothing fits within my budget.

The "Meet the Hilfigers" campaign really gives me some great ideas on how to put classic pieces together in unexpected ways for a trendy new look. I'm inspired! Are you?

What do you think of Tommy Hilfiger's "twisted preppy" vision?


Images via Tommy Hilfiger

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