Kate Hudson: 31 Going on 60

Kate HudsonI have always loved Kate Hudson--

But I can't understand why someone so beautiful would continually wear clothing that transforms her from glamorous film star to wannabe Golden Girl.

So, inspired by Kate, I've come up with a few tips on keeping your look youthful and modern, whether you're on your way to work or to your kids' soccer game.

Let's start with this photo. Mid-calf length skirts are hot this fall- but if you're going to wear one (and I hope you will!), be sure to pair it with a fitted top. This busy, blousy top does Kate's figure no favors.

Also, while mixing prints is trendy, in general I'd advise against it-- There's  simply too much room for error. I'm absolutely hating all of these prints together.

One more thing. If you're wearing a busy print, skip the big necklace. All I'd put with Kate's top is a small, nondescript pair of earrings.

Want to see more of Kate's AARP-friendly fashions?

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Kate Hudson
Oh Kate. Unless you're auditioning for the role of Norma Desmond, why on earth would you wear this triple whammy of a bulky scarf, baggy cardigan, and shapeless skirt?

Each of these pieces would be fine on their own- Kate could have worn the cardigan with a slim pair of jeggings and boots. Or she could have paired the skirt with a fitted t-shirt. Or she could have worn the scarf with a less-bulky top.

And don't think Kate's matronly ensembles are few and far between. Earlier today, Kate horrified once again in ill-fitting sweatpants, a frumpy scarf, and jewelry better left to a southern grande dame.

I think we can all take a lesson from Kate, and leave these sorts of looks to Grandma.

But what do you think? Is Kate aging herself with her choice of clothing or does she have what it takes to pull it off?


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