Teri Hatcher Shows Off Her Wrinkles: Look, No Botox! Not Today Anyway...

terry hatcher

Teri Hatcher recently took to her Facebook page to show off her wrinkles and promote Botox- and surgery-free beauty. Hatcher has been constantly badmouthed by the media for her presumed use of beauty extracurriculars to maintain her youthful look.

The stunt seemed all kumbaya and "Yay natural beauty!" until afterward when the actress told Entertainment Tonight she might not be done with Botox and that wasn't even the point of her Facebook photo vent session.


Julia Roberts recently told Elle magazine, "It's unfortunate that we live in such a panicked, dysmorphic society where women don't even give themselves a chance to see what they'll look like as older persons," the Eat Pray Love actress said. "Your face tells a story ... and it shouldn't be a story about your drive to the doctor's office."

Well said for sure. And Teri Hatcher's message via Facebook photos, although greatly less articulate (and a little cuckoo), appeared to be the same and a good one, especially coming from an actress who has partaken in Botox and collagen injections and maybe even plastic surgeries along the way. The sad part is, however, Teri's message wasn't about natural beauty and aging at all.

"It's not about Botox to me," Teri told Entertainment Tonight while discussing her wrinkle-showing Facebook series. "I don't have any judgment about doing Botox or not doing Botox. I've done Botox, I may do it again -- I don't know. It's not the point. The point to me is that there has to be a different sort of baseline of how we're accepting beauty."

What does that even mean? That we should accept that sometimes the beauty in Hollywood is just good lighting but it might also be good Botox?

If anyone saw the movie SATC2, which had bouts of horrific lighting, you can see how critical lighting can be. The four 40- and 50-something actresses shifted scene to scene from scary and overly made up to fresh and pretty. Especially Charlotte who's usually the prettiest and freshest of the four. There were scenes when you could see layers of makeup on her face. I'd rather see wrinkles if that was even the point of all that makeup.

But what is Hatcher's point? What are we supposed to accept? I think most women and girls understand the extreme "smoke and mirrors" of Hollywood beauty, but it doesn't keep us from striving for it. It doesn't even keep actresses from striving for more and more beauty, by any means possible.

Oh, Teri. You lost me. It doesn't seem that you're pushing for less of a line between Hollywood beauty and real beauty, especially in terms of aging, but more for an acceptance that the two are and always will be greatly divided. Yuck.

Here are the photos and captions from Teri Hatcher's Facebook page:

(caption for above photo) "Out of the bath getting ready for bed. Thought about all those damn critics of my face. Love it or hate it, my face that is, no surgery, no implants, no matter what 'they' say. Decided I'd shoot myself in to reveal some truths about 'beauty' and hope it makes you all easier on yourself."

Teri Hatcher

"Did I ever toy with fillers or Botox over the years? yes. Tell me does this look Botoxed to you? Yes I am alone in my bathroom naked in a towel on behalf of women everywhere trying to make a point. Women YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL."

teri hatcher

"Oh look I can raise my eyebrows and wrinkles show up on my forehead."

teri hatcher wrinkles

"I can look both ways too. So I guess I'm safe to cross the street then."

teri hatcher vein forehead

"I can be mad, or confused or sad and tired. Julia Roberts had that same vein in her forehead in Eat Pray Love. Proud of Julia for being a real woman on a real journey."

teri hatcher botox

"I can really rough you up. I can also look like a monkey if I put grapes in my upper lip. It's really funny. I have to say I cant remember ever being upset enough to look like this, but I'm just making or shall I say 'under LINING' a point."

teri hatcher

"Idea to self: give everyone blurry eyes so when we look at each other we'll see hazy glory. Which is what all of us are, Glorious!"

teri hatcher

"45 year old me. Just me wanting to teach that all those glam versus trash pictures of celebs are about LIGHTING. It's not makeup it's not suregery [sic] or botox its LIGHT. Flat front light in you face especially sun setting 4pm light blows out all wrinkles and imperfections. Over head light, sun anything casts shadows under your eye from your brow making you look tired. Shoot all family reunion photos that way over the camera man who should be holding the camera a little higher than your eye line."

Do you get Teri Hatcher's point? If so, can you explain it to me?


Images via Teri Hatcher's Facebook

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