Burberry Cosmetics: Beauty Inspiration

Burberry BeautyAn editor of Vogue raved in a recent issue about Burberry's new line of cosmetics, and judging from the ad campaign, I'm inclined to agree with her.

The blushes, eyeshadows, and lipsticks are designed for quick, easy application. The look is one of effortless, fresh beauty, and while the models for Burberry Beauty are definitely runway-ready, the Burberry Beauty style is decidedly mom-friendly as well.

Think about it -- neutral eyeshadows that can be applied with a finger. Subtle lipstick. Sheer blush that gives you a warm glow. I'm inspired to go for this look myself!





Read on to see my top picks for a Burberry Beauty splurge, as well as cheaper alternatives better suited to your budget.



Burberry BeautyChristopher Bailey, designer of the Burberry Beauty collection, tells Vogue his look is designed to easily transition from day to night. "You throw it on for day, with jeans, for the country," he said. "For the city, or if you go out in the evening, just add some smoke to your eyes."

These ideas are good to remember whether you live in Paris, France or Paris, Texas.

Burberry BeautyFor day, Vogue recommends this sheer eyeshadow in Khaki (Burberry, $29).


SmashboxAs a cheaper alternative, how about Smashbox matte eyeshadow in sable (Smashbox, $16)?


Burberry BeautyFor night, don't be afraid of black eyeshadow, particularly when it's sheer like this Midnight Black eyeshadow (Burberry, $29). Apply it lightly with a brush or your finger and you'll find it looks modern and very pretty.


M.A.C.I'm personally a huge fan of M.A.C. Carbon (M.A.C., $14.50) if you're looking for a better price on black eyeshadow. I use it as eyeliner, which I apply with an eyeliner brush, and as eyeshadow at night, which I apply very lightly with an eyeshadow brush. Sometimes, I mix it with brown for an even milder effect.


Burberry BeautyFor a fresh-faced glow, I'm entranced by this light glow russet blush (Burberry, $42) in Cameo. It includes silicones (always a good thing for women of a certain age) as well as wild rose extract for moisturizing. But $42 is a lot of money!


NARSInstead, I'd probably substitute NARS blush in Orgasm (Sephora, $26), which many of you have raved to me about, and which I've been dying to try.


Burberry BeautyLast but not least, lipstick! Burberry has plenty of gorgeous options, including this lovely and natural-looking shade of dusty rose (Burberry, $30).


RevlonCutting costs? Try this Revlon Super Lustrous Pearl lipstick in smoky rose (Drugstore.com, $5.99) instead!

What do you think of Burberry's new cosmetics line? Do you like the look?


Images (top to bottom): Burberry; Burberry; Burberry; Smashbox; Burberry; M.A.C.; Burberry; Drugstore.com

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