'Project Runway' Recap: It's Party Time!

Tim GunnWhat better way to kick off party day Friday than with a Project Runway roundup?

The show opens with the contestants' thoughts on Gretchen, now that she's won twice. The bottom line? She didn't deserve it and they pretty much hate her.

Immediately we move on to the model elimination. Not sure why they keep doing this, does anyone really care? Gretchen keeps her model in a shocking twist. Okay, not shocking at all. Two models go home this week as two designers were sent home last week, and I'll forget who they are in approximately five seconds.

Heidi tells the designers that the next challenge is a "cause for celebration." They end up in front of Party Glitters, a store full of party stuff (looks like Tim is quite at home there), so it's not really a celebration -- they're selecting materials for their next challenge. They've got $100 to pick out stuff that's as non-fabric-y as possible in the store. It's time to get really creative.


Shopping at the party store is pissing Gretchen off, as she believes she's in "Cheeseball City." Is the mighty going to fall? I'd love to see it. Seems like the producers want to show every annoying thing she says so we all start to hate her. Now that Jason is gone, we need a new villain.

And did anyone else gasp in horror when Casanova cut open the cute stuffed dog? Then put the "carcass" on the dummy? Eep. And I used to cry when my brother punched my stuffed animals. He's the one who pays no attention to Tim and buys as many tablecloths as he can. In his own words, he doesn't want to make a dress out of "bull shit."

And Tim playing with and admitting he prefers Kristin's "wooly balls" was definitely the highlight of the night.

But back to work: The models come in with another surprise -- I mean, how else can they fill up an hour and a half? The designers have to create a fashionable accessory from the materials in the gift bags, which were filled with random polka dots and sequins. After lots of scrambling (and help from compassionate designers who were finished), the show begins. Betsey Johnson is the guest judge this week -- how very appropriate!

So let's cut to the chase. Check out the top 3 for this week:

Project Runway

Valerie: Of course Valerie would be in the top 3, with a "beautiful, sophisticated, lovely" dress. That entire skirt is made out of napkins. I tried quoting Betsey Johnson but she went off on some tangent I didn't understand so I gave up.

Project Runway

Andy: He folded and braided lots of ribbon to make an interesting, almost leather-looking dress. Michael thought it was "exciting." But of course Betsey wants it to be a little more "fun," as the dress is all black. "It's just too beautiful." Hmm, I guess that was a criticism?

Project Runway

Gretchen: Everyone loved this dress of course. I'm by no means an expert, but this one just didn't do it for me. I think it was the boots and that the skirt looked like a pom-pom on crack. Michael thought it was very Gretchen. And the judges criticized her for the boots too ... can you blame them? Ugh. Or maybe I'm just looking for excuses to hate on Gretchen.

In the bottom 3:

Project Runway

AJ: So I guess that was a "birthday dress," but it looked like a birthday party that threw up. It did look like he used "everything he could possibly find in the store." Of course, Nina Garcia had to call it a "hot mess," to which he answered, "Thank you." Drrrr. After eight years of Nina saying things are a hot mess, you'd think he'd pick up on the fact that it isn't a compliment. And it definitely looks like she had beads for pubic hair.

Project Runway

Casanova: He made his dress out of tablecloths, which is a big NO. Even the model looked pissed off when the judges were critiquing the dress. Says Michael: "She looks like a transvestite flamenco dancer at a funeral." This dress was just way too ADD for me. I have a headache now.

Project Runway

Sarah: She made this dress out of a palm tree, which I thought was pretty creative, but she couldn't follow through. Nina thought the dress was too "simple," while Heidi thought it was too "sad." It looked like some second-grader made a bunch of blue cut-outs in the shape of leaves and hot-glued them to the dress.

Valerie didn't win for the second week, which is a shame because I think she's super-talented. But Andy won! Yay! Take that, Gretchen. Go on and pout. We know you're going to.

And Sarah is going home, as she went "safe and boring" during a challenge that was none of those things.

Oh, yeah, and then Ivy faints and gets sent off in an ambulance at the very end, just to spice things up.

Did you agree with the judges this week? Which was your favorite look?

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