Rihanna's Tattoo: Are Typos the New Trend?

rihanna Bad grammar in writing or song lyrics is one thing; but bad grammar in body art is quite another ...

PopEater.com (with a little help from a French dictionary) is poking fun at Rihanna for a glaring grammatical mistake in her latest tattoo.

Her new neck ink reads "rebelle fleur," which should technically read "fleur rebelle," if she indeed intended for it to literally translate as "rebel flower" (adjectives typically follow the noun in the French language).

But before we send Rihanna back to remedial French class, let's consider this:


People use body art as a way to express their individuality and creativity. Is it really so crazy to think that Rihanna simply liked the sound and/or aesthetic of those two words together -- correct grammar be damned?

She's obviously making a bold statement with the red hair, so before we assume that she's dumb or linguistically challenged, let's ponder whether in fact there might be some intention behind that unique tattoo.

What do you think: Is Rihanna's tattoo a typo or intentional? What's the worst tattoo mistake you've ever seen?

Image via Splashnews.com

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