Toss Your One-Piece: THIS Is the Most Flattering Swimsuit for a Mom's Body ...

Ever since I turned 30, I have started to have the sneaking suspicion that my bikini days are numbered and that I should be shopping more Lands' End and less Forever 21.

The bikini look is an elusive one, but it usually has something to do with the following ingredients:

  • tall
  • tan
  • young
  • lovely

Or wait, maybe those are the lyrics to "The Girl From Ipanema ..."

But what about us mamas in our 30s? Are we relegated to the vintage bathing attire of the 1920s or the flowered bathing skirts our grandmothers wore?


I say no. And here's why: Our bodies have, in many cases, changed in the ways that look best in bikinis. We have bigger chests (in many cases) and curvier, softer parts that need more support than a one-piece provides.

For the same reason plus sizes are better when they are more form-fitting (as opposed to caftans or mumus), many mamas look better in skimpier styles.

I am not suggesting we all go out and wear string bikinis, but I think a two-piece look is more flattering in many cases. For example:

The fit on Julia's bikini highlights her assets very well, and despite the fact that she just gave birth, she looks very curvy and sexy:










Paola also does a really good job of flattering her body with this colorful suit. You can't tell me she would look better in a mumu suit:










This is me and while it's certainly less skimpy than I used to be, I'm still going with the halter-style top that flatters a larger chest and provides adequate support. Better support, in fact, than any one-piece I have ever found. The two-piece style supports my breasts from beneath.









Colleen is also using the colorful effect to draw attention to the swimsuit itself. The swimsuit fits very well and manages to really highlight her athletic figure:









Would you dare to bare? Do you still rock a two-piece?


Image via   hartman045/Flickr

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