Paris Hilton Sued for Wearing Hair Extensions

Paris Hilton

Not because they looked bad (though someone should have sued her for that awful Marilyn Monroe impersonation), but because they were the wrong brand.

Remember this, folks. This is probably the first, and only, time that I will feel sympathy for Paris Hilton.


The girl is getting sued for $35 million just because she didn't wear a certain brand of hair extensions, and she missed an event. But she missed it because she was in jail! "I'm sorry guard, you'll have to let me out for the evening, I have a launch party to attend" doesn't exactly fly in the slammer.

Hairtech International Inc., which manufactures the Dreamcatchers hair extension line worn by the 29-year-old socialite, is suing for her for breach of contract and seeking damages of 10 times what Hilton was reportedly paid under the contract.

I had no idea that those product contracts were so strict. So, if you are supposed to represent MAC, you'll get sued if you're spotted putting on Maybelline lipstick? Screw that.

Do you think this lawsuit is ridiculous? If you were a celebrity, would you be willing to represent a product, even if it meant always having to use it? Which product would you want to represent?


Image via Jennifer Su/Flickr

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