Man Spanx: It Was Only a Matter of Time

Man SpanxWell, ladies, they've finally done it.

Spanx, the dirty little secret employed by pretty much every woman I know, has expanded to include ...


Honestly, every time I write those words, I dissolve into uncontrollable giggles. And yet, I think plenty of men will be buying.

Here's why ...



Man Spanx

Spanx "waisted" no time (sorry, couldn't resist) trying to convince men to slip on girdle-like undergarments.

Instead, Spanx designers went an entirely different route and created a shapewear men's tee.


Now, according to Spanx, men can firm their chests, flatten their stomachs, improve their posture, and support their lower back simply by putting on what looks like an ordinary undershirt underneath their clothes.

What guy wouldn't benefit from Man Spanx?


Man SpanxMan Spanx comes in a few different designs, including a v-neck and this cotton compression tank (Spanx, $55). Yes, they're pricy -- but perhaps having a flatter tummy will be worth it for some dudes.

So, ladies, what do you think? Will Man Spanx fly or flop? Personally, I think they're a great idea ...

But they might want to change the name.


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