Morrocanoil: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

MorrocanoilI've been hearing about Moroccanoil for months. Celebrities and friends alike claim it makes their hair smooth and shiny yet completely "oil" free.

What held me back was the price. A small jar of original Moroccanoil goes for $40. The styling cream costs $28. That's a lot to spend on a haircare product, particularly if it ends up not working as well as I'd hoped. (Hello? Surf Spray, anyone?)

However, when I went to get a haircut a few weeks ago, I saw an enticing row of Moroccanoil haircare products on the shelf. I asked my stylist about them and he raved about the line, saying he used it on all his clients.

"Moroccanoil is the original product and gets all the press," he said. "But I honestly like the styling cream even more." I couldn't resist. I bought it.

Want to know what happened next?


Well, my hairdresser instructed me to rub a dollop in my hands and run it through my hair while it was still wet. It smelled good, but didn't feel like anything special. I was skeptical that the styling cream would make a substantial difference on my hair.

I was wrong.

When I use the styling cream, my hair is incredibly silky and smooth. Flyaways are all but eliminated. I run my fingers through my hair now and literally feel like I'm in a Pantene commercial. The true test, though, is that I can always tell immediately when I've forgotten to use my Moroccanoil, because my hair feels totally different and coarser somehow. It's amazing that a small dollop of styling cream could make such a difference, but it truly, truly does!

The buzz for this product really is incredible. When I went on a girls' trip recently, all my friends asked to try it. In New York for BlogHer last week, my roommate Yvonne used my roommate Lena's original Moroccanoil every day -- she couldn't believe what a difference it made in her hair.

My verdict? I can't LIVE without Moroccanoil styling cream. It is amazing and has to be my favorite haircare product in years.

Have you tried it?


Image via Folica

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