5 Reasons We Should Pity Gorgeous Women

I really, really feel for the beautiful people in our midst, I mean, it must be so very hard to be gorgeous.

According to a recent study in Denver, beautiful women have a lot more trouble getting jobs others perceive as more "masculine." These would be jobs like mechanical engineer, construction supervisor, male model ...

I jest.

But seriously, being beautiful in our culture that values beauty above just about anything else really is a curse (really, it is!). And so I give you five reasons why we should pity the lovely:


The beautiful get fired from jobs: We all know the story of Debrahlee Lorenzana who was fired for being so hot. And we also all know about Right Said Fred who was just "too sexy." We regulars feel for them.

The beautiful go on reality shows that make them look (more) stupid: Take a look at the Bachelor Pad -- all beautiful people making fools of themselves. We love to see hotties wear bikinis, play Twister, and suck face. It's the American way.

The beautiful sometimes get sad: Even though they look better than us, the lovely are not immune from depression. They're just like the rest of us that way. They also sometimes feel sad that their nails break or their lip gloss smudges. Seriously. They do.

They get attacked when they speak their minds: Poor, poor Gisele Bundchen. All she wanted to do last week was affect some change in the book of worldwide maternity/breastfeeding laws. That book is so outdated anyway. So really, is that so much to ask?

The beautiful have to deal with being "formerly beautiful" as they age: Stephanie Dolgoff is a writer and blogger who has been making headlines recently for her book, Formerly Hot, about what happens when men stop buying you drinks (because you're old). We normals never had that problem, which really is such a relief.

How else is beauty a curse?


Image via dbking/Flickr

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