More BlogHer Fashion: Now With a Real Housewife!

Tamra BarneyFirst of all, let's just establish right now that I hate, hate, HATE this photo.

Yes, I'm hanging with Real Housewife Tamra Barney, but apparently, I'm twice her size.


The only reason I'm sharing this photo with you is that Tamra totally gave me a great posing idea for future pictures. Put your arm on your hip when you pose and POOF! Your arm is instantly slimmer!

But wait friends! I got to hang with another celeb at BlogHer that I was even more excited about meeting!


David Lauren

Wondering who this is? Why it's only David Lauren, son of Ralph, brother of Dylan, and Vice President at Polo Ralph Lauren! I got to spend an evening at the company headquarters and seriously, everyone who works there is gorgeous. Everyone! Even the waiters! It was a little bit intimidating! And I look a leeetle too excited there, don't I? Gah.

Heather Thomson Yummie TummieI also got to meet Heather Thomson, the founder of Yummie Tummie and one of my fashion idols, at the Social Luxe event. What the world needs now is more shapewear that doesn't feel like a girdle when your husband grabs you around the waist!

But don't worry -- you didn't have to be famous to stand out at BlogHer.

BlogHerCase in point: Twanna Hines, of Funky Brown Chick. You've gotta love her pretty red dress.


BlogHerAs a busty woman myself, I'm generally afraid to wear strapless dresses for fear that I'll look like I'm spilling out of them. However, Fleurtle's Mia L. Shelton did it right at BlogHer with this pretty sundress. Look for one with a ruffle that covers the neckline and you won't get caught with the boob version of muffin top (muffin chest?), if you know what I mean.


BlogHerAnd AV Flox's hot red heels had everyone who saw them at the conference looking twice. I just got word that the heels of these shoes are actual, um, butt plugs, so now I guess I know why. Ew.

And that's my BlogHer fashion wrap-up!


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