'Project Runway' Recap: Designs Evoke Barbie's Sofa and the Walk of Shame

Project Runway 8 CastToo bad Project Runway is 90 minutes long -- kind of cuts into my Jersey Shore viewing, but I digress.

For this challenge, the editor in chief of Marie Clare magazine, Joanna Coles, wants the designers to create an outfit that defines the "Marie Clare" woman. The winning design will be featured on a 40-foot-tall billboard in Times Square.


The contestants start sketching away -- a skill of which I'm supremely jealous. I wish I could picture something in my head and draw it out in a matter of minutes. (I'm also not really sure what the point is of having the HP pads when most of them end up sketching on paper anyway. Ah, product placement.) Then they head to Mood where they have $150 to spend.

Tim Gunn introduces another element to the challenge: They will each have a photo shoot with a Marie Clare photographer. The judges will use both the photo and the design when evaluating. I guess clothing designer equals photo stylist nowadays?

Many of the contestants are having issues, mainly Jason, who has to close up a gaping hole in the center of his "infinity" dress with safety pins; Peach, who has to restart her design at least three times; and Mondo, who is really just feeling quite lonely and misunderstood.

After the photo shoot, the fashion show began. I love how all the designers are trying to gauge the judges' reaction by watching their facial expressions; the judges pretty much just look pissed off.

In the Top 3:

Project Runway Valerie

Valerie make a "sexy but conservative" dress, and I like the color and detailing. It's something you can wear at night and during the day. And who doesn't look great in red?

Project Runway Mondo

The judges like Mondo's colors and Mary Tyler Moore inspiration. I don't know, I kind of feel like the top was vomiting up tissue paper. But I do love her shoes.

Project Runway Gretchen

Gretchen goes a different way with pants, and she wins! However, I did like Valerie's dress and photo better. But what do I know? The winner of the first two challenges, Gretchen is the designer to beat.

Check out the Bottom 3:

Project Runway Peach

Peach had a terrible time with indecision. She was confident she would be going home. I did feel like the dress looked like it was put together hastily. It felt uninspired, but she was way too rushed. She even admitted it looked like "Barbie's sofa."

Project Runway Jason

Jason's really terrible "walk of shame" infinity dress was falling apart. And safety pins? The kiss of death. He really did pick a terrible photo from the shoot, with the safety pin more prominent than the dress. And sorry buddy, but "infinity" and "8" just don't mean the same thing, nor are they represented by the same symbol. What a terrible concept.

Project Runway Nicholas

Nicholas' blouse and skirt and jacket thing were too "complicated" and "utterly unsexy." I guess that coat or whatever it was is called a cape. There's a gaping hole in the back of the shirt, so she'd have to wear the horrid cape all day. It looked like he was trying way too hard and this doesn't remind me of Marie Clare at all.

The judges finally come back with their decision. Bye, creepy Jason. Thank goodness the judges didn't keep you around for the ratings. And hold the phone -- oops, there goes Nicholas, too! It's a double elimination this week! Egads. I honestly didn't think Nicholas' was that bad. Jason sneaks out the back without saying goodbye to Tim -- what a party foul! -- while poor Nicholas bids a tearful good-bye.

Looks like Gretchen annoys the designers next week (is the success getting to her head?), and someone gets carted off in an ambulance. Wait a second, when did this show turn into The Biggest Loser?

Were you surprised by the double elimination? Think Nicholas deserved to go?


Images via MyLifetime.com

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