What to Wear if You're Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky

Ali FedotowskyI can't get enough of Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky. I loved watching the show and thought Ali genuinely seemed like a great person -- the quintessential girl next door.

I've also loved her accessible style.

So I was thrilled to get an email telling me all about this necklace, which she wore on a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel.

You won't believe how much it cost ...







And you can get this necklace, too, if you're digging it.

Bachelorette NecklaceIt came from Generation Necks and I just love it, particularly for its $27 price-tag -- don't you?

This would make a perfect gift for your Bachelorette-obsessed girlfriend. Ali also wore this necklace for an appearance on E! Entertainment. Check it ...

Ali FedotowskyIt's not often that celebrities wear jewelry we can actually afford, so I'm all over this look!

What do you think of Ali's necklace?


Images via charmedpr.com

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