Jennifer Hudson May Shave Her Head -- But She Should Read Our Tips First!

Jennifer HudsonJennifer Hudson recently dished to InStyle magazine that she's thinking of shaving off her long locks.

“My cousin’s a beautician and she’s always saying, ‘You could wear any hairdo,’ so I’m thinking, what if I shave my hair? Not completely off, but low. I think that would be so hot. With my diamond studs? But with a cut like that, your face has to be made up at all times.”

Well, lucky for Jennifer, we have our own fabulous Jeanne Sager here at The Stir who shaves her head annually and has some tips for the actress.

  • Do it for a good cause! Especially with her popularity, she could raise some serious money for organizations such as Jeanne's outlet -- St. Baldrick's -- which is made of volunteers who shave their heads annually on St. Patty's Day to raise awareness for kids' cancer. 
  • At first, your head will stick to your pillow like Velcro; don't be alarmed ... this only lasts a night or two. Try conditioning it the first two nights to reduce this problem.
  • The super pro: less zits! I noticed my forehead and cheeks totally cleared up when I no longer had hair hanging on them (and thus no hairspray, mousse, etc.).
  • If you're prone to frizzy hair now, it gets worse as you're growing it out because there's nothing to weigh the hair down. I love Garnier's Smoothing Milk.
  • Shower in the morning. It's much faster hair to "do" in the morning, but you can't brush out those flat spots.
  • Find out if your mom turned you well in your crib when you were a baby (my mom always says she's so proud I have no flat spots).

So make sure you take our advice when deciding, Jennifer!

I think Jennifer would look amazing with a shaved head -- it would definitely give her an edgier look. Hot!

Tell us, think Jennifer should go bald?


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