Turn Broken Heirloom China Into Beautiful Jewelry

china pin brooch necklace slideWhen my aunt inherited my great grandma's set of china, she was heartbroken to find a few of the pieces broken. But instead of tossing the broken heirlooms in the trash, she found a brilliant way to turn them into jewelry for all the women in the family.


The pretty set of china with pink flowers that my great grandfather purchased for my great grandmother on their 25th wedding anniversary has been in the family for almost 80 years. We all hope the china and the legacy of our family will be around another 80 and then some.

Now that my aunt had these broken plates made into jewelry, it's not just smart and meaningful creative reuse, but we can also extend the family treasures even farther across the family.

Even better, each jewelry piece is different. I chose the oval brooch above that can also be worn as a pendant on a chain. Love it. And now I have my own heirloom to pass down.

Do you have some broken china you can make into jewelry?


Image via Sheri Reed; china wear handcrafted by Cheryl Douglas, Mountville, PA

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