Is Lip Liner Obscure?

FlickrThe Frisky recently posted on the issue of lip liner, claiming that it has become obscure.


Why didn't I get the memo?!

The Frisky staff claim they've all replaced their lip liners with lip stains, which they say provide a nice base for lipstick. Maybe that's true if The Frisky's staff all consists of girls barely out of their teens.

But as a 30-something woman, I've found lip liner to be indispensable, simply because of a phenomenon known as ...



Please tell me you know what I'm talking about.

If I don’t wear lip liner, any lipstick I apply inevitably creeps in tiny streaks past the line of my lips. It’s weird and it’s annoying.

Lip liner puts a stop to it. And lately, I’ve also been applying a dot of concealer or foundation on my “feathering zones” before I even apply my lip liner, just to make sure my lipstick stays put on my lips. That said, I don’t like a heavily made-up lip, so I use the most neutral lip liner I can find and top it off with a bit of pale lip gloss to keep my lips looking natural. I haven’t worn lipstick regularly in years.

Now, however, I’m feeling like a beauty dinosaur.

Tell me I’m not alone here. Lip liner isn’t really obscure, is it? If you’re going to do anything special to your lips, do you use lip liner? Or is there some sort of new secret I don’t know about?


Image via Matchity/Flickr

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