No Time for a Makeover? 'Plain Jane' Star Louise Roe Offers 6 Quick-Fix Fashion Tips

Louise Roe on the CW's Plain Jane
Louise Roe thinks fashion-forward on Plain Jane.
Okay, so I'm loving the CW's new makeover hit, Plain Jane, which debuted last week. But this isn't one of those scary, crazy extreme makeover shows from back in the day.

"There's no plastic surgery, there is no real shocking before and after," says the show's fashion godmother, Louise Roe. "This is more about transforming yourself from the inside than from the outside. You can give someone a fantastic outfit or a cute haircut, but they have to have the confidence to own it when they walk into a room. I think that's the truth of it."

Hear, hear! But who's got time for a makeover? Certainly not me.

So I caught up with fashionista Roe -- whom you'll remember from shows like E!'s Fashion Police and MTV's The City -- for some quick, confidence-boosting tips for even the busiest mamas. Read on!

  1. No time to shop? Go online! "It's the best thing for us busy ladies -- you can do it any time, even at 3 a.m. if you can't sleep or whatever," says Roe. "And that's definitely where to find the best deals. There are coupons, secret sales, so many ways to save."

  2. Know Where to Find a Designer Bargain. "All these discount shops have the greatest stuff now, like Target, Gap, and H&M. But you have to move fast to get your hands on these lines, since they tend to sell out fast," says Roe. "So you've got to snap up designer diffusion lines the second they go on sale. Here's a quick tip: Get there the day before. Sometimes these stores sneakily put them out on racks a day before the advertised launch date. That's the best time to grab them."

  3. Accessorize! "Updating your wardrobe with a few key accessories can be really easy and inexpensive," says Roe. "Everyone's got a little black dress or go-to outfit. You can dress up or dress down with accessories. This season, for me, it would be a bright high heel. A shift dress is a bit downbeat with just flats, but if you do a bright heel in a turquoise or hot pink, it really makes the outfit pop. And then a few pieces of jewelry, like a cocktail ring or some silver bangles, will take you from day to night, from work to dinner with the girls."

  4. Got Stuff? Get a Big Bag. "A giant envelope-shaped clutch will hold everything -- papers, makeup, diapers if you need them!" says Roe. "A fashionable, all-in-one carry-all will take you from day to night and beyond."

    (So true! I've been using baby Kavya's Timi & Leslie Aurelie diaper bag when I go out solo. It's just so roomy -- and gorgeous!)

  5. Take a Breather. "Just getting out of your everyday can be so refreshing," says Roe. "I'm in L.A., so I drive half-an-hour and head to the beach. But it needn't be exotic. Just taking a few minutes to drink a cup of tea or meeting a girlfriend for coffee or a glass of wine is so important. It's really just half-an-hour and it will change your perspective a bit."

  6. Reward Yourself. "It's rough. We're doing so much," says Roe. "You need a minute or 30 to just be. And for you working moms, take a minute to remember that what you're doing is just amazing! So if you ever feel like you're failing, don't. The fact that you can handle so much is amazing. People just think it's normal and easy to be able to juggle it all. And it's certainly not. So take a minute to give yourself a pat on the back."

Want more from Louise? You can catch a repeat of the season open-er of Plain Jane tonight at 8 p.m., or catch an all-new episode Wednesdays at 9 p.m.

What's your best quick-fix fashion tip?


Image via the CW

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