Ali Larter vs. Christina Applegate: Battle of the Better Dressed Bump















Even with a bulging baby bump, Ali Larter and Christina Applegate are glowing ... literally. Just look at their amazing skin. How is it possible that celebs always look good?

It's not all about beauty though. These celebs also worked their wardrobe on the red carpet. Ali Larter brightened up her skin-tight black ensemble with a little white blazer at Comic-Con, and Christina Applegate rocked head-to-toe basic black at the premiere of Cats and Dogs 2.

Both of these women commented on loving their heels (they both have on sky-high black peep toes), even though they're carrying around an extra bump, so it's no surprise they aren't sacrificing comfort for fashion. At least not yet.

See who gets the vote in my book ...


Ali Larter hands down.

I think she looks a little more grown-up and sophisticated than Christina Applegate. I love that she is showing off her bump and sexy cleavage in a tight tank and that she's rocking skinny black jeans. The white blazer is to die for (where can I get one?) and her jewelry is simple and classic.

Christina Applegate looks a little too much like a teenager to me. The big belt was so three years ago and her necklaces with the belt are accessory overload. Plus, she is wearing pants under her dress. It would be one thing if she were wearing a tunic, but her black sheath is clearly long enough to be a dress. Don't be afraid to show some soon-to-be-mom skin!

Who rocks their bump fashion the best?

Images (top to bottom): Fraser Harrison/Getty; Jason Merritt/Getty

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