Thigh Highs: Would You Wear This Trend?

Splash NewsI saw them on the runways for Fall 2010 and now I'm starting to see them on celebrities ...


They were last in style back in '94 when I was in college, and at that time, I LOVED them. I wore them to class all the time and thought they were a cute way to cover a little extra leg.

Now, though, I think I'm a little too old for this trend. Honestly, while Carrie Underwood is absolutely gorgeous and one of my favorite celebs (even if she did become a bit of a Bridezilla), I think this particular outfit would have worked better without the thigh highs. Carrie works out all the time and has great legs -- she should show them off when she wears shorts!

What do you think about thigh highs?

Will you wear them?

If not, I have a real life alternative ...


Knee socks!

More specifically, knee socks under casual boots!

I saw the look on Jennifer Aniston in Marley and Me (and looked everywhere for a still to show you of the outfit, but to no avail!) and have been wanting to copy it ever since.

She wore a denim skirt, I believe, with casual, low-heeled boots and heavy cable knee socks peeping just a few inches out of the top. I've been looking for a pair to go under my distressed black clog boots ever since. It's such a cute look with a skirt, and since knee socks were on the runway models for fall even more often than thigh highs, I think it's an age-appropriate nod to the trend.

What about you? Would you wear thigh highs or knee socks this fall if the look goes mainstream?


Image via Splash News

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