Get 'Mad Men' 50s-Style Soft Waves

I long for Sundays every week. Two words: Mad Men.

The fashion, the hair, Betty Draper's 'tude. I can't get enough.

Surprisingly, I didn't love Mad Men right away. My boyfriend started watching it and I hated the way the women were treated back then. Not to mention all the cheating.

But since we lived in a studio at the time, it grew on me and now it's one of my favorite shows.

The best character by far is Betty Draper/Francis. Although she is a terrible mother, her surly attitude and quick-witted quips crack me up. She pulls it off so well even with her '50s flippy retro 'do.

Don't you just love it? Here's how to do it for your next Mad Men viewing party.


1. Wash your hair and towel dry. Comb through and start to blow dry. Flip your hair over and brush forward while blow drying.

2. Once dry, flip your hair over and comb back. You should have a little extra volume on top from brushing forward while drying.

3. Next pop in large 3-inch velcro hair rollers to the crown of your hair. Leave in for 10 to 15 minutes for extra volume.

4. Using a large barrel curling iron, spiral curl the bottom 3 inches of your hair. For the front pieces, you can spiral curl the whole way up to your scalp.

5. Then, place in your favorite thick headband or use a ribbon instead. If you need more volume at the crown, you can tease it a bit.

6. Finally, using a retro pick like this wide comb retro pick, run it through your bottom curls just once from top to bottom. This will create that full effect while turning some curls under and others out.


Would you try this retro 'do?



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