Botox: My Friends Are Getting It. Would You?

Could Botox help?
Now that I've reached my 30s, more and more of my friends and acquaintances are turning to Botox.

It's not something that's discussed very often among the women I know. But a few of my very good friends have started getting injections, and I've heard that women are even holding Botox parties in my neighborhood, where all the attendees get their fix at once.

The truth is that my friends who've gotten Botox look ...



I mean, I'm not advocating Botox here, I'm just speaking the truth. Their 30-something-year-old faces are smooth and unlined and I may be just a little bit envious. And honestly, as long as it's safe, I don't have a problem with it. It seems like a far more cost-effective way to get some of the effects of a face-lift. It's just ...


The very word scares me!

So I went in search of some facts on the product. At, Dr. Arthur Perry has this Botox advice:

  • Botox should only be administered by a highly trained physician and is available only by prescription.
  • Some side effects following a Botox injection may include temporary eyelid droop, tenderness, swelling, redness, and/or bleeding/bruising.
  • Botox injections last between two to six months. A typical repeat patient will receive three treatments per year.

I found this interesting because it seems like every spa here in town is offering Botox treatments now (not to mention those crazy Botox parties) and I'm pretty sure that "highly trained physicians" aren't populating all of these Botox-offering locations.

Also, TEMPORARY EYELID DROOP?! Can you imagine?!

Still, I know a lot of women are doing it these days, whether they admit to it or not.

So now I want to know -- what do you think of Botox? Have you tried it? Are your friends getting injections? Spill!


Image via Charles WIlliams/Flickr

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