News Flash! Jennifer Garner Is a Normal Mom!

Jennifer GarnerThe Stir reader (and, um, my friend) Tori had something interesting to say about this recent picture of Jennifer Garner:

This could be any mom anywhere taking her girls out to see a show -- and what surprised me the most was how much it surprised me! I thought I was most def not one of those naive women who buy into the illusion that all celebrities are drop-dead (and un-airbrushed) gorgeous all the time, far above all of us mere mortal broads, but ... based on my reaction to this photo, apparently I am!

I thought her comments were worth a discussion here on The Stir ...

What do you think of Jennifer Garner's, well, normalcy? Do you love that she seems to be just like you and me with her kids -- or does she have some sort of celebrity obligation to don a scarf and a pair of designer jeans, AT LEAST?!

As for what I think, well, if you look at celebrity pictures regularly, you know that this is pretty much Jennifer Garner's normal, everyday look. She cleans up well for a premiere or party, but otherwise, it's a button-down and plain jeans or pants for Jen. And I love that she's not afraid to own it, despite the pressure she must face to look perfect and styled every time she's out on the town.

I actually think the fact that she dresses like a "normal mom" when she's out with her girls might make her even more popular with her target demo -- Moms! It makes her seem a little more accessible, more Sandra Bullock than Christina Aguilera, for example.

But I thought I'd bring it up with you all. I'm sure you've noticed Jennifer Garner's casual choice of clothing ...

What do you think about it?

Image via Splash News

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mompam mompam

I think she's great and looks great.

MyAng... MyAngel003

I think she looks great. Maybe her kids will actually grow up to be normal if she keeps herself grounded. 

MomIWant MomIWant

I think she looks great!!!!!!

cafemama cafemama

I too love that she dresses "normally". I think it gives me hope that with a team of stylists, I too could look glamorous on the red carpet, should I ever find myself there.

jeann... jeannesager

I love the comment, and I've wanted to write something that affect for awhile. We have mutal friends in common with quite a famous actor, so I see his wife and kids a least a few times a year (and sometimes him) in social settings. The kids play together. And nothing out of the ordinary happens. Yes, his face (and voice) are very recognizable, and they have a ton more money than we do. But other than that, our kids put their bathing suits on the same way and run out to play in the slip n' slide the same way.

momof... momofamonkey83

I think that the fact that she looks just like an average person, average mom, etc. is AMAZING!  She obviously doesn't feel like she has to be in designer clothes, and all "blinged out" to take her girls out for the day.  I love, love, love Jennifer Garner.  I think that she is a great role model to women everywhere.  She seems so down to Earth and normal and I think it's awesome. 

kelli... kelli0585

I think it speaks a lot about her personality, too.

I watched her in a special (I forgot what show it was) about helping Appalachian children.  She was so unpretentious and genuinely kind.  When she walked into one of the tattered trailer homes, she didn't gawk, or ask questions about the conditions, or have the cameraman pan around the house.  She simply walked in and said "hi" to the little girl and acted as a guest in the family's home.  To me, that spoke volumes about her.  I guess you just had to have seen it to know what I mean.

natas... natashajparker

Love, love, love Jennifer Garner. Always have. I think she is super awesome and seems like she would be fun to be friends with... because she seems normal. Thank God for that!

tazdvl tazdvl

I love that she isn't afraid to be normal.

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