All Rimmel Half Off at Bed Bath & Beyond: Deal of the Day

RimmelThis deal of the day is brought to you by The Stir reader Jennifer. She writes: 

All Rimmel of London cosmetics at Bed Bath & Beyond are half off. I am normally not a drug store cosmetic kind of girl, but I recently picked up a tube of their foundation at Walgreens when I was in a pinch and didn't have time to hit the mall or shop the Internet. Surprise, surprise! I LOVED it. It may even be the best foundation I've ever used. The color blends great and it lasts all day.

I haven't yet tried Rimmel of London yet, have you? What do you think of the line?


Also, I didn't even realize that Bed Bath & Beyond stores sold makeup! Mine doesn't, and Rimmel isn't available at But if your BB&B does sell makeup, now's the time to head over there and get yourself some super-cheap Rimmel products! 

Need some ideas on what to look for? I'm loving these shots of Kate Moss, Rimmel of London's "face."


                                I'd love to imitate this all-natural look with baby pink lips.


                   Totally girl next door -- even Kate can pull it off with Rimmel of London!



This is probably my favorite look for a party -- retro glamor puss! I totally want to copy it!

What do you think of Rimmel of London, ladies?


Images via Rimmel of London

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