Bioelectric Creams: A New Way to Fight Wrinkles?


When it comes to my sensitive skin, I want to steer clear of anything with the word "electric" in it.

It makes me think of scary electric things like electric shock, electric eels, and gasp ... the electric slide.

Previously, people got their bioelectric pulses from a machine at the dermatologist. But a new form of "electricity" is hitting the beauty scene and popping up in anti-aging creams -- it's called Bioelectric

Basically, our cells communicate via electrical pulses. These creams release charges that mimic those cellular messages, which causes our skin to produce more collagen and elastin -- the stuff that keeps you looking 20.

Check out the newest products that are taping into this buzz-worthy effect.

Aveeno Active Naturals Ageless Vitality Elasticity Recharging System ($32.24) -- phew, that's a mouthful -- comes with a rejuvenating moisturizer with blackberry leaf extract and a biomineral concentrate that decreases lines and wrinkles and recharges elastin-deficient skin in four weeks. 

Neutrogena Clinical Facial Lifting Wrinkle Treatment SPF 30 ($31.99) wakes up sleepy skin with a silky SPF 30 moisturizer and a specially trademarked ion2complex gel serum. Word is it smooths and softens in one use, lifts and redefines young skin, and protects from future damage.

RoC CompleteLift Serum ($18.49) uses their own Protient Technology to increase firmness, improve elasticity, and lift and define facial contours. Clinical testing showed results in just one week.

I don't know about you, but I'm kinda sold on these. I'd like to try one as a preventative measure. Since I'm only 29, I don't have a huge problem with wrinkles and collagen depletion. But, I'd definitely try one of these rather than get Botox or other plastic surgery.

Would you try one of these bioelectric creams?


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sstepph sstepph

I'd try the Aveeno I think...

Steph... Stephani114

Well, everybody knows that health is a very important now. There is a famous proverb “Health is above wealth”. Nobody would deny the importance of its meaning. Good creams make face healthy. Reality is, it is indeed a part of everyone’s life. We will all age. Just because aging if part of the natural order of things does not mean we must accept what the years (and exposure to the environment) have done to us. Some factors that can cause wrinkles: Sun’s UV rays - Too much exposure to the sun can cause wrinkles and sun spots. Smoking - Smoking has a negative effect on the skin. It affects its ability to repair its self from damage. Stress - Stess can affect the well being of a person. This is exactly why it is so important to only choose collagen creams that are made with all natural and organic ingredients. And it is quite natural that the main thing people wish each other is to be in good health, good luck and good appearance.

Carey... Carey2006

maybe....I'm curious now

tazdvl tazdvl

I have been wanting to try one.

nonmember avatar MariahNYC

I've been using this serum diligently for 4-5 months and love it. Its the Made from Earth Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum. It works, it works, it works! I had a lot of sun damage and fine wrinkles on my forehead that are simply gone. And it's completely smoothed out my skin.

I had rough patches here and there, plus oily T-zone and this cream was great on my entire face. No breakouts and the texture of my skin is fantastic now. Concealer and make up go on a lot smoother now.

I saw results in the 3rd week I started using this. I don't use it every night anymore, like 2-3 times a week now that I have the results I want. Love this serum.

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