'Project Runway' Recap: Premiere Bigger, Badder & With More Tattoos

heidi klum tim gunnSeason 8 of Project Runway premiered last night with a longer run time (90 minutes!) and more contestants -- 17 instead of 16. Each of those 17 designers-on-the-verge (of what is yet to be seen) were met by Heidi and Tim in front of Lincoln Center (the new Mecca of Fashion Week) and were told to take one item out of their suitcase. (Note: Heidi's forearm tattoo? This woman is so hot you need air conditioning just to stand next to her.)

So the suitcase thing .... Very tricky. You'd be tempted to pick your most fashionable item in there, right? Something that shows your signature style, right? I would have. Ah ha, my pretties ... this is Heidiville, a place where a glamazon makes up the rules with her stately consort, Mr. Gunn. And doing so was a big mistake. BIG, I tell ya.






project runway

That piece of clothing was given to a competitor to cut up and re-design. Say wha? Poor Casanova. His $1,070 Dolce & Gabbana pants were snipped to shreds. (Maybe it actually was for the best.) But isn't that sort of sacrilegious in the world of fashion? Never mess with another person's wardrobe. Especially a wardrobe that was more than likely painstakingly chosen for a stint on TV. How. Dare. They.

Oh they did.

They also sent home the lovable McKell Maddox, the dreadlocked Utah cutie with fabulous tattoos. I didn't think her dress what that bad. It was a tad Anthropologie (which I love, but on Pro Run, I want to see something more than an item from a store with nameless designers). Jason and Casanova's looks were much worse. But I have a hunch ole Casanova will be around awhile simply because of his personality.

mckell maddox

See? Isn't it pretty? Isn't McKell adorable?

jason project runway
Isn't this a "Batman ready to eat sushi" costume? Why, Jason, why?
My favorite look was A.J.'s -- a little Madonna-esque, '80s tramp meets prom queen in a good way. I'd love to go to a wedding wearing this. A.J. as a date wouldn't be half bad either.

aj project runway

What you laughing at Casanova? Leave A.J. alone!

aj project runway

A.J.'s finished product.

Casanova project runway
Casanova's finished product. Who's laughing now?

But the winner was Gretchen, who already makes some to-die-for clothes under MothLove. Harrumph! Those sleeves though -- I love!

gretchen project runway

And sew begins the new season of Project Runway ....

What did you think of the premiere?

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