What to Wear to BlogHer '10

Lauren by Ralph Lauren dressThank God for Macy's and their fantastic sales and coupons.

I'm headed for BlogHer next week -- I'll be in New York City for six days and I want to look my best. With that in mind, I ransacked my closet for my favorite outfits. My mom and I also stopped by Macy's yesterday and thanks to a 25 percent off sale and an additional 20 percent off in coupons, we scored big on some fabulous Lauren by Ralph Lauren dresses in a heavy jersey fabric that's perfect for traveling.

Here's one of the dresses to your left. It works well for day or night and I just love it.

I've really enjoyed reading other bloggers' posts on what they're wearing to BlogHer, so I thought I'd do the same and share what I'm thinking of wearing with you.

Tell me what you think of my ideas in the comments!

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For hot days in the city before the conference begins, I'm bringing in my Boden. I think this dress is a great option ...


Boden                                              And I love this Boden option as well.


Calvin KleinI got this Calvin Klein shirtdress for a song off Ideeli and I can't wait to wear it one day in NYC.


Lauren by Ralph Lauren dress                                                   Definite cocktail party wear.


Lauren by Ralph Lauren dressHere's another Macy's find. I love this Lauren by Ralph Lauren dress because it can easily transition from day to night.


Lauren by Ralph Lauren dressAnd finally, the quintessential LBD. I really like the slight sleeves on this one.

What do you think? Is there anything I'm forgetting? Anything you just hate? Tell me in the comments!


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sodapple sodapple

Love your Boden dresses! will you be wearing heels all six days? maybe an outfit you will be confortable to walk around or do sigthseeing will be nice to add too =-D

Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

My fav is the Calvin Klein Shirt Dress.

mandy... mandyhornbuckle

Oh I just LOVE that last one on you!!

Ems629 Ems629

I agree with sodapple....all very sweet items (I adore Boden) but you might want a breezy boho-type casual outfit for sitting at an outdoor cafe in the village and doing some wandering! Think the cute Asian artist in North Carolina whose style you admired recently...

Carey... Carey2006

WOW! Those are really cute!!! I love Calvin Klein shirtdress & the last picture 'quintessential LBD'.

tazdvl tazdvl

LOVE the Calvin Klein shirtdress and shoes!!!!

nonmember avatar amber

I love the black and whites, especially the first... maybe with a pair of colored shoes instead and/or statement jewelry? I think you could go with any color... perhaps something surprising!

clean... cleanaturalady

You look hawt.  Those black shoes would kill my feet.

blanc... blancastella

Lindsey, thanks for posting this. I want to start packing today and was so confused.  I found this article by google search...so I'm happy to join cafe mom too:) 

Linds... LindsayFerrier

Glad you found us, blancastella! Happy to help.  :)  I have not accessorized yet, ladies- Not to worry. I actually bought the Ralph Lauren sandals in black in my recent "Endless.com" post solely because I knew I'd need some cute walking shoes for NYC- and they are extremely comfortable. I will probably put the t-strap sandals in my purse to pull out for the cocktail parties that are outside the hotel. I'm going to choose jewelry/shoes tomorrow.  SO EXCITED. And scared. Some of the events require me to hail taxis ON MY OWN. Yikes.

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