Woman Dumps Baby in Trash Labeled 'Bad Mom' -- But Does She Even Deserve 'Mom' Title?

A mother in Orange County dumped her newborn baby in the trash to hide the fact that the baby was not her husband's.

There are so many, many things wrong with the sentence I just typed, I'm not even sure where to begin.

The woman is now facing up to 15 years of prison time after her husband discovered blood in the bathroom and sent their 11-year-old daughter out to get the baby out of the trash.

My question: What is wrong with people?


There has to be more than the story (I would like to think). This woman is being abused or something, because why else would she have the baby in the first place? And how could someone who is already a mother take her infant and put it in the trash can? I cannot even fathom that amount of desperation.

Meanwhile, I'm being called a "bad mother" for admitting on a past blog that motherhood is difficult. Jeesh.

Generally I think calling someone a "bad mother" is an activity best left to spiteful people who should probably look in the mirror once in a while; however, in this case, I have to say, the shoe might fit.

So, there we go. I do make some judgements about people after all. If you throw your baby in the trash can, I get to say you are a bad, bad mom.

And beyond that, I hope that this little baby finds love in a home where people want her and will care for her with all the love she deserves.

What are your thoughts on calling someone a "bad mom"? What do you think should happen to this baby?

Image via katutaide/Flickr

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