Justin Timberlake Clothing Line Next Up for Target: Will You Wear It?

William RastI know many of you get just as excited as I do about Target's collaborations with high-end designers like Rodarte and Jean Paul Gaultier on low-priced, limited-edition lines. 

Now, Target has announced Justin Timberlake's line, William Rast, will be the next special Target collection, set to debut on December 19.

What kinds of clothing can we expect? Well, let's take a look at what William Rast is offering now on its website.






William RastWilliam Rast is perhaps best known for its denim, so expect to see at least a few styles of jeans in the collection. I'm loving these Sadie Straight Leg Jeans (William Rast, $165), and I'd love to see them for around $40 at Target!


William RastThe line also features some to-die-for leather jackets, like this fantastic "Elephant" leather jacket (William Rast, $525). Fingers crossed for an affordable model for Tar-jay!

Honestly, though, I'm far more excited about shopping the William Rast Target line for my husband. I LOVE William Rast's men's clothes. They are edgy and fashionable while remaining manly -- a trait that's often lacking in trendier men's clothing.


William RastMy husband would look so cool in one of William Rast's leather jackets for men. I particularly like this black leather jacket (William Rast, $595).


William RastAnd I love William Rast's men's shirts, like this gray black plaid shirt (William Rast, $165). If the Target versions are anywhere near as cool as the regular line, I sense some awesome surprise Christmas presents in my husband's future!

What do you think of Target's upcoming William Rast line? Will you shop it?

Images via WilliamRast.com


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