Foot Facelifts: The Ultimate Way to Look Hot in Heels

high heelsIt's no secret that we ladies love our shoes, but I'm starting to wonder if some of us are going to extreme measures in order to slip on those stilettos. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, more and more women are turning to cosmetic foot surgery, which includes a number of surgeries that enhance your foot so you can wear high heels comfortably.


Here are just some of the many foot facelifts that podiatrists are offering:

  • The Pinky Tuck: Slimming down little toes that become bent and bulbous when jammed into high, tight shoes.
  • Foot Narrowing: Corrects bunions on both sides, sometimes before deformities occur.
  • Food Padding: Fat or fillers are injected into the ball of the foot to replace diminished padding.
  • Toe Slimming: Thickened skin on the pinky toe is removed, and the bone may be shaved or straightened. 
  • Toe Lengthening: Bone is cut, then stretched or fused with an implant.

Ouch! My toes are curling just thinking about it. It's not surprising that this trend has been growing in popularity ever since 1998 -- the year that Sex and the City premiered. Thank you, Carrie Bradshaw. Nowadays, doctors say it's as common as a nose job, especially in urban areas.

Physicians argue that women aren't weighing the risks. As with any surgery, you have to take into account infections that could arise, problems with anesthesia, recovery time, etc. Is it really worth it just so you can look pretty in your pumps?

Tell me, would you go under the knife just so your heels fit you better, or do you think it's definitely not worth the risk?


Image via Andrea Rinaldi/Flickr

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