Pleated Pants for Women Are Back: Say It Isn't So

pleated pants

Ran across these pleated pants today while shopping online, and then I cried.

I was never so happy to see a style trend go away as the year when pleated pants and their friends the drawstring palazzo pants faded away.

Egads! I think they're sneaking back ...


For those of us with breasts and a meatier middle section, pleated pants are the most unflattering style we can wear. Hello, thick middle, now there's something thicker -- this row of bubbly pleats! Waist? What waist? Who needs a waist?

Add to this horror, a pleated waist/tapered leg combo look -- pleats were bad enough for us on a wide leg pant. Worn on skinny legs (like mine) and a not-so-little middle (like mine), this is a double recipe for disaster. In other words, don't let Snooki near these things either.

And I don't even want to talk about what these pants will do to a flat butt; however, here's a clue.

pleated pants back rear

Oh dear ... I'm simply horrified.

Are you glad pleated pants are coming back? Are they flattering on your body type?


Images via Urban Outfitters

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