Flaunt Body Hair With Hairy Clothing

hairy pantsSome of us go to great lengths to remove body hair. Brazilians, threading, shaving -- enduring hot wax, painful plucks, and ingrown hairs. But what if you were having hairless regret? What if you missed the jungle that once adorned your legs, your bikini, or your chest (if you're a guy)?

Solution? Nutty Tarts' Hairy Undergarments.

Beware: You're going to get an eyeful if you click through to the next page!


The only thing that would make the hairy leggings better (or worse) is if they were printed on sheer stockings. Same goes for the undershirt and panties.

hairy chest shirt

Ladies would look even more revolting in the undershirt, but the bush panties make me yearn for the '70s. Maybe a long-sleeve version of the tank will be designed for the fall -- with hairy armpits, of course.

hairy underwear

What do you think of the hairy clothing line? Do you think it's silly or trendy?

Shout out to Refinery 29 for the find.


Images from Nutty Tarts

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