Katy Perry Has a Purr-fect Fragrance, Snooki Compared to Liz Taylor & More News

fashion adsFor all of you fashionistas out there, here are some stories that are making beauty and style headlines today:

  • Katy Perry is joining the club of celebrities that have created their own fragrance. Inspired by her cat, she named it "Purr," which makes me love her even more. The scent will be a mix of peach, apple, jasmine, freesia, and musk, and will even come in a cat-shaped bottle. Meow! -- Celebrity Gossip
  • Why is Snooki from Jersey Shore being compared to Elizabeth Taylor as a fashion icon? Why, oh why? -- NY Magazine
  • Bad news for all lovers of shopping (and, really, that's all of us, right?). Expect clothing prices to start rising because big retailers want to up price points due to inflation and rising costs of cotton and manufacturing. -- The Frisky
  • But to combat that, I have some good news! Saks Fifth Avenue will start to carry plus-size designer pieces. Though it's only going to be in New York, if it's a hit, expect it to go nationwide. -- Glamour


Image via dno1967/Flickr

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