Angelina Jolie at 'Salt' Premiere: Which All-Black Look Is Her Best? Plus, Get the Dress for Less!














Angelina Jolie is rarely ever out of her signature color ... black. We don't blame her -- she always looks hot, hot, hot in it. This mom of six (makes me tired just thinking about it) just had her newest film, Salt, hit the big screen. And surprise, surprise, she stepped out in all-black at her premiere and at Comic-Con.

Find out which look gets my vote. And if you love that dress, I found a place where you can get the look for less.


My favorite is the sequin mini -- did I give it away by finding a cheap version?

It fits her in all the right places -- the bust line curves up to avoid slippage, the belt cinches her teeny waist, and the super-short hem shows off her leggy frame.

I want one for myself! So I started searching and found this Lupattelli ($79) dazzler with a trendy racer-back tank design. Now I just need somewhere to wear it.

Her look at Comic-Con is equally as sexy but considering she was in Southern California, the leather jacket seems like overload.

I do love how it cuts in her waist to create kind of a corset look. Come fall ... I'm all over this bold look. Plus, the emerald earrings are to die for.

But, in a surprise move, Angelina showed up at the Moscow premiere in a red floor-length halter dress. I think she looked stunning and I love when she adds color to her wardrobe.

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