'Mad Men' Fashion Recap: Bethany Van Nuys's Ombre Dress

Bethany Van NuysI'm a newbie to Mad Men and was looking forward to the amazing fashion that I had heard so much about with last night's premiere. Hate to say it, I was a little disappointed. 


The one outfit that did catch my eye was worn by Don Draper's blind date, Bethany Van Nuys. The ombre-colored dress totally made up for the 25-year-old's slightly annoying attitude ("I'm going against my values by going out with a divorced man" ... pfft, come on now).

The borrowed dress looked amazing on her, hugging her tiny figure in all the right spots, and as Don said, "I can't believe two girls can fit into that dress." Not to mention that bling. How does a 25-year-old actress afford that?!

What'd you think of Bethany's outfit? Who do you think was the best dressed of last night's episode?


Image via AMCTV.com

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