Which Celebrity's Body Gives You Confidence?

Christina HendricksI loved this essay re-posted on The Frisky recently, in which Wendy Atterberry wrote about how recent comparisons to Christina Hendricks (the voluptuous Joan Holloway on Mad Men) have made her view herself as sexier and more attractive.

It made me think about which Hollywood celebs have made me feel more confident about my own body, particularly now that I'm coming to terms that I will never again be a size two and that I shouldn't want to be, because when I was, I was unhealthy.

Want to see who I've come up with? Check them out -- and then tell me in the comments which starlets make you feel better about your body image.







Kate WinsletHands down, Kate Winslet has done the most of any Hollywood star over the years to bolster my self esteem. She is simply gorgeous and she always looks so healthy -- never too heavy or too thin. I really wish we had more celebrities who were like Kate, because in real life, we all know women who are stunning and nowhere near a size zero. Why aren't these kinds of women in movies?


Drew BarrymoreDrew Barrymore is another Hollywood celeb who always looks great and never has been criticized about her weight, even though her body does not fit the "stick figure" norm.


Oprah WinfreyOprah Winfrey's weight has fluctuated quite a bit over the years, but I think she has always looked fantastic, no matter how much she has weighed at the time. She seems to only get better with age, which is very inspiring.


Crystal RennI've written a lot about Crystal Renn lately -- I just love her. The size-10 model is gorgeous and getting tons of work right now, and I hope she helps convince the modeling industry that women want to see HEALTHY models -- not starved ones.

Those are mine -- which celebrities' bodies make you feel more confident?


Images (top to bottom): AMC.com; Made in Hollywood/Flickr; CoverGirl.com; O Magazine; Amazon.com

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