Style Dare: I Wore a Truly Tasteless T-Shirt on a Public Beach

Tacky T-shirtMy family went to the South Carolina coast for vacation a couple of weeks ago and one afternoon, we ventured into Myrtle Beach, which was about 15 minutes from where we were staying.

Can you say Tackyville?

I have never seen more tacky, tasteless ladies' t-shirts on display in my life, which led me to wonder: Who's buying these things?

Besides me, I mean. Yes, folks, the plethora of hideous beachwear inspired me to buy some of my own and wear it while out and about for an oceanside Style Dare you won't soon forget!

Of course, as you can see from this photo, tacky t-shirts can be found in more places than seedy beachside t-shirt shops. Check out some of the tackiest women's t-shirts I've ever seen (the ones I could show you, without totally offending you, anyway) and get the deets on my latest Style Dare after the jump ...


Tacky t-shirtI can't even think of a reason that anyone would want to wear this 'I only blow kisses' t-shirt (Sassy Assy Jeans, $24). Weird and ridonkulous.


Tacky t-shirtThis World's Proudest Father tee (, $17) is billed as "a funny t-shirt for a father with a sense of humor." And, I'm hoping, a mother with the number of a great divorce attorney.


MILFYou may be a MILF, but do you really need to advertise it with a MILF t-shirt (ShirtCity, $19.95)?


It wasn't hard for me to find a truly tacky t-shirt to wear out on the beach one afternoon last week for my latest Style Dare -- want to see what I sported? Get ready to laugh ... and read all about what gets my vote for World's Tackiest Beachwear here!

Have you ever worn a tacky t-shirt? Why did you wear it -- and what did it say?


Images (top to bottom): Funny T-Shirts; Sassy Assy Jeans;; ShirtCity

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