5 New Ways to Use Clear Mascara

I love big bold lashes so using clear mascara never really crossed my mind.

I always thought it was for Plain Janes who didn't want to "look" like they were wearing makeup.

Come on ... if you're going to wear makeup, wear it. Don't try to act like it's just your natural beauty coming through.

But, I'm slowly coming around to clear mascara now that I know you can use it for a lot more than just lightly coating your lashes sans the black ink.

Check out the five new ways I discovered you can use clear mascara:


I recommend using Sephora's Professional Clear Natural Mascara ($10) -- it's cheap enough to experiment with.

1. Try it as a base coat. If you're like me, one coat of mascara is never enough. Layer a light base of clear on first, let dry, and then go for the black stuff.

2. Go for some color. Get loose powdered shadow in a fun, bright color like electric green, blue, or purple and dip the wand in it. Twist in the shadow so the whole wand gets covered and lightly add to your lashes. It'll create a subtle hue. Wash the wand, let your lashes dry, and pop on a sealer coat of clear.

3. Unruly brows? Keep them in line with a little clear mascara. The feathery wand is great for combing your brows into the perfect shape. Want to add color? Try what we did above with a shade that matches your brows.

4. Tame your fly-aways. This works great for when your hair is pulled pack and you have a little frizz up front. Hairspray can attract bugs and give you helmet hair, but just a few streaks of this will keep your baby strands near your hairline in place.

5. Create piecey bangs. Don't you love that effortlessly piecey bang look that celebs get? Think when Reese Witherspoon had that amazing fringe. Styling creams can make your bangs look greasy and hairspray too stick-like. Just add a light stroke of clear mascara where you want them separated. Works like a charm.

Would you use clear mascara like this?


Image via Sephora

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