Travel Pasties for Your Privates: Don't Let Airport Scanners See You Naked

airport pasties privates

Airports might be on their way to rolling out naked X-ray scanners, but that doesn't mean you can't hide your privates, right? Flying Pasties to the rescue!


Your mother always told you, no one needs to see your privates without your permission, and that goes for airport screeners too. How dare they take a peep! And here's a way to keep the peep show to a minimum -- Flying Pasties!

Flying Pasties, found via BUST, are 2mm thick and 100 percent rubber and can obscure your private areas when you pass through airport scanners. No adhesive necessary as they simply slip into your clothing. And they're pretty cute too. Rock peace signs on your privates or even an "Only My Husband Sees Me Naked" message.

“Whenever your airport screener questions you about your Flying Pasties, simply remove them and present it to them,” a company spokesperson states. “The security personnel are there for your protection and we mustn't forget that."

Hmm, well, reaching into your bra and undies, that's embarrassing too, now isn't it? With my luck, they'd make me pull the rubber pasties out (while passersby look on) and then walk me back through the scanner again -- and see me naked anyway!

But you can give it a go -- starting at just $16.99.

Would you wear these pasties to hide your privates from airport staff?


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