Courtney Love Starts a Fashion Blog for the Strangest Reason

courtney loveMost people start a fashion blog because they love fashion. They are into talking about latest trends or maybe even the styles of yesterday with vintage clothes. But not Courtney Love.

The reason behind why she started her blog isn't because she loves style (though she has had some fashion do moments, mostly don'ts), and it isn't because she's vain. Well, not exactly ....


It's because she didn't like the results she was finding when she was googling herself. So in an effort to shove those less than flattering photos of her out there lower in the list, she's posting her latest wears on What Courtney Wore Today.

A genius songwriter like her late husband Kurt Cobain she is not. But this move ... kind of brilliant.

And she's wearing some really cute outfits ... while looking super-skinny. 

courtney love

The blog is maintained and written by some of her friends, so while there is some commentary after the photo, you won't find any of Courtney's famous long rants here. But who knows ... if this takes off maybe there will be more blogging from Love. And that's a good thing.

What do you think of What Courtney Wore Today?


Images via What Courtney Wore Today

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