Zit Happens: How to Flawlessly Cover Up Pimples

I'm 29 and I still get pimples ... sigh! There is no escaping them. Although my skin is a million times better than when I was a teen, it's still embarrassing that I'm almost 30 and currently have a giant pimple on the outer part of my cheek.

Growing up, I tried everything to get rid of my blemishes ... super-gentle soaps, tea tree oil face wash, scrubs, acne cleansers. Nothing worked.

So my wonderful mother took me to the dermatologist who prescribed me Retin A -- a super-strong topical cream that basically peels off your outer layers of skin. Painful, flaky, and gross.

Right before I went to college, I was put on an Accutane/birth control combo (Accutane can cause severe birth defects so you can't be preggers or get preggers while on it). It worked and improved my skin in the long run. I stayed on it throughout my college years and my skin got a lot better.

But occasionally, Mr. Pimple pops up to say hi. So I learned how to cover them up like a pro.


1. Grab your concealer brush (the one with the pointy, flat bristles) and coat it with your liquid cover-up.

2. Gently press the brush right on top of the pimple and give it a tiny twist. This will get the concealer into all the nooks. Keep going until the pimple is covered.

3. Using your fingers (clean fingers!), tap the outer edges of your blemish to blend the concealer into the rest of your skin.

4. Apply the rest of your liquid cover-up (the same color) to your entire face. Blend it right up to the pimple's perimeter for even skin tone.

5. Dip your finger in your powder cover-up and gently tap right on top of your pimple. The powder will help keep your cover-up in place and prevent it from melting off.

Note: Makeup doesn't stick to skin that's been treated with salicylic acid, so use cover-up that already has an acne fighter in it like Clinique's Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup ($24.50).

How do you cover up your pimples?


Images (top to bottom): Helga Weber/Flickr; Sephora.com

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